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We have what Texas needs to


about us

We’re Committed

… to being your superior oilfield, agriculture, commercial, and residential supplier of corrugated pipe, HDPE pipe, cattle guards, and other drainage and pipe accessories.


We work hard for our customers, and we’ll treat you like family. Call us old fashioned, but a handshake and a smile go a long way after (or before) a hard day of work.

Ready to Deliver

Let us bring the supplies to you. We know you don’t always have the time or logistics to get the pipe and materials to your job site. We’ve got it covered.

Safety Conscious

From product in our facility to employees on a job site, we take safety seriously. Our team is trained on all the latest processes and precautions to better serve you, the customer.


We support our local community in a variety of ways. By being a South Texas Corrugated Pipe customer, you’re enabling us to give back and pay it forward.

let us help you find

what you’re looking for

Corrugated Pipe
Available in a variety of wall thickness with a galvanized, aluminized or polymer coating. Accessories readily available.
An Integral Part of Infrastructure, Flood Control, and Drainage
High-density polyethylene pipe ready to carry your potable water, wastewater, chemicals, hazardous wastes, and compressed gases.
HDPE Pipe is Lightweight, Strong, and Long-Lasting
Cattle Guards
Whether in-stock or custom built, our cattle guards can accommodate wings, beams, gates, locks, and other accessories.
All Cattle Guards Built with Railroad Iron Base and SCH80 2-7/8" Pipe Runners